Private Instruction  -  Stacey offers private instruction in both traditional yoga and chair yoga. Are you new to yoga and interested in one-on-one instruction before joining a class? Do you have a mobility or health issue that prevents your participation in a traditional yoga class? If so, consider private instruction in either chair yoga or traditional yoga to get you started. Stacey will develop a yoga program to match your objectives and needs.   Fees: half hour $35    hour $60

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of your age or level of fitness. Stacey is committed to teaching yoga in a sensible manner, which accommodates the ability of each student. Our small class size is great for beginners. Enjoy the practice of yoga in a relaxed, supportive, and non-competitive environment.

Develop a strong, flexible body and relieve stress so you can feel your best! 


     Monday    6:00 - 7:00 PM           (class description)                        Tuesday 6:30 - 7:30 PM

       note: no classes May 30 and 31.

        June 6                                                 Yin Yoga                                            June 7

        June 13                                               Slow Flow                                        June 14

        June 20                                               Chakra Balance                              June 21

        June 27                                               Balance & Pranayama                   June 28

        July 11                     Chair Yoga  (not your granny's chair yoga!)                     July 12

        July 18                                                Revving up the Solar Plexus       July 19   

        August 1                                            Yoga Therapeutics                         August 2

        August 8                                            Heart Chakra                                   August 9

       August 15                                    Moon Salutation & Yoga  Nidra        August 16

       August 22                                         Slow Flow                                          August 23

       August 29                                         Yin Yoga                                             August 30                                                  

      Saturday  10:00 - 11:00 AM   

         June 11                                       Yoga Therapeutics 

         June 25                                        Slow Flow

         July 9                                            Chair Yoga (not your granny's chair yoga!)

         July 23                                          Chakra Balance

         August 6                                      Moon Salutation & Yoga Nidra



Summer Yoga Class Schedule

Stacey instructs a traditional yoga class. She explores various aspects of yoga including the ancient philosophical teachings, mudras, yoga nidra, various styles of yoga and meditation techniques, and the chakra system. See below for the class schedule and descriptions. 

Yoga class info: 

Practice good karma - please arrive before the start of class and silence your cell phone.

Single class walk-in: $15  - call in advance to ensure your space.

4 classes pre-paid punchcard: $45 

8 classes pre-paid punchcard: $80

Payment by cashcheck, or debit/credit card.