hot stone massage

Enjoy a warm peppermint foot scrub and a warm, moist foot wrap followed by a 15 minute foot massage.   $25

retreat for the feet

A 1 and 1/4 hour therapeutic massage, which also includes a soothing massage with warm, smooth stones throughout. The perfect combination of feeling pampered while reducing muscle tension. Aromatherapy, warm oil, and a warm table enhance the treatment. Especially nice during the winter months.  $95

                    Embellish your massage session with a SPA TREAT add-on! 

                                             Treat yourself - call today!

 Foot treatment add-on:

 A warm peppermint foot scrub and warm moist towel wrap, followed by a foot massage. 20 min.   $25

Facial treatment add-on:

A facial cleansing followed by a

warm, moist towel wrap and a soothing massage including pressure points and use of warm stones. 

 20 min.  $25