hot stone massage

facial treatment

Enjoy the benefits of this 1/2 hour facial treatment and revive your complexion. Includes cleansing followed by a facial massage. A nourishing mask is applied, then a relaxing massage of your head, neck and shoulders. The treatment is complemented by the use of warm, moist towels thoughout. Application of a moisturizer concludes the treatment.     $40

retreat for the feet

Soothe your tired, aching feet with this 1/2 hour luxurious foot treatment. Your feet and lower legs are cleansed, then exfoliated using a warm scrub.  Next a peppermint mask is applied while your lower legs are massaged. Warm, moist towels are used throughout. The treatment concludes with a soothing foot massage.      $45

A 1 and 1/4 hour therapeutic massage, which also includes a soothing massage with warm, smooth stones throughout. The perfect combination of feeling pampered while reducing muscle tension. Aromatherapy, warm oil, and a warm table enhance the treatment. Especially nice during the winter months.  $95

Embellish your massage session by adding a spa treat - the facial and foot treatments can be added to a massage or scheduled separately. 

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